Diversity & Inclusion Training

Zuri, 2021 © Caroline Schmitt
Zuri, 2021 © Caroline Schmitt

My training philosophy


My heart beats for a close exchange between science and practice, social services, universities, businesses and civil society. In my eyes, a participatory approach does not hide in the 'ivory tower'. As a diversity & inclusion trainer, I work on the interface of science and practice together with interested people.



My experiences 


Since 2015, I have been offering training and continuing education on diversity and inclusion - among others at the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family in Hanover, at the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration in Wiesbaden, at the Center for Continuing Education (ZWW) in Mainz, at the Caritas Center Landau and as part of the initiative "Pro Frauen als Unternehmerinnen, Fach- und Führungskräfte" (PROF3I) at the Institute for Social Pedagogical Research Mainz (ism).

In spring 2022, I got certified as a diversity trainer by living diversity in Berlin. 


My aim


Dealing with diversity and creating inclusion in a pluralized society is of great importance for social services, educational institutions, administrations and companies. Diversity is normality and inclusion is a human right. Viewing diversity as a basic social condition is my starting point. The central concern of my work is a scientific analysis, power critical reflection and practice development on inclusion. The aim is to shape connections in a global society across different biographies, experiences, socialisation processes and ways of living.



Training components


My diversity and inclusion trainings are based on scientific results, self-reflexive and practice-oriented components. Diversity is not understood as static. Instead, the trainings focus on a self-critical approach to categorization processes and the question of how organizations can be shaped to be more and more inclusive so that they do not exclude anyone, for example on the basis of nationality, language, gender, world views or other diversity dimensions.



Training methods (selection)

  • Historical and theoretical impulses
  • 4 Layers of Diversity
  • Practical approaches and strategies
  • World café
  • Net of Connections
  • Flower power method
  • Exchange in small and large groups
  • Group discussions
  • ...

Upcoming workshops

Topic. Diversität in Organisationen (Diversity in organizations)

Language. German

Where. Center for Continuing Education (ZWW), Mainz, Germany

How. Digital workshop

When. 8th and 9th of July 2022 from 9.30 to 16.30 

Registration deadline. 17th of June 2022


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Seminar description
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Here you can find two of my scientific texts on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion

Inklusion, Interkulturelle Öffnung, Diversity – Professionstheoretische Überlegungen zu einem kritisch-reflexiven Inklusionsverständnis
Open Access: https://www.inklusion-online.net/index.php/inklusion-online/article/view/365
Schmitt (2016) Inklusion IKÖ Diversity.p
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Diversity-Ansätze. Errungenschaften, Ambivalenzen, Herausforderungen
Schmitt Tuider Witte (2015) Diversity-An
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